On My Being

I am not one but three. My body, my soul and my heart. Like land, water and sky I am connected, through all. My body is visible. It may be judged on its appearance but it is the covering of the soul and the heart. Please not judge me without second thoughts to what goes on in the inner self.

The heart reasons with worldly things with its experiences and wisdom. It is picky with it’s choices most of the time. At times it makes quick decisions on its likes and dislikes and then communicates with the soul and body. On others, it tries to be strong and relate to what is good or bad in the long term. Though it may not always be a wise seafarer. It can be passionate about things that are trivial for others, for deep from its seat it serves the soul and body. Like the scorching heat needing water, the heart can hold on to emotions until the soul and body are in peace with it. While we desire the heart to be ruled by reason, not always can be submissive to what the society, family and norms may demand from us. 

The body, keeper of the soul and the heart, is on vigil to cravings of the other two. Often the heart or the soul may take in what is harmful for the body. Unwanted  happenings are physical pains that it feels. It hates the wounds and bruises, and it has to make it unbearable to the soul and heart so that they do not indulge in painful ventures again. It wishes that the tortures on the body could be pre-felt so that everyone would be more careful about about what they do to themselves and others. It wishes the conscious self can be roused equally for ones own self and the others before one was hurt.

The soul flows on, it’s destiny is written in the invisible world. The weirdness lies in being the source of life and yet not being visible to the one to whom it is a gift from the Creator. It just hopes that the body and heart will guard life’s reasons and passions and let it live for allotment of the worldly life. There is constant hope for balance in all: senses, flesh and other body organs and between other individuals in life. Discords lead to decay and the soul might get call from heaven to return where it belongs.

It is a heavenly self that resides within all of us, we love and respect it and the rewards are our own doings. We cannot always blame others’ doings for our sufferings, confusing at times, but we get back in life from what we give.

Must we not think twice of how we treat our beings, all three and the multiples selves that reach out to others? If I am three in one, or many when I interact with others, we blend into life. We are all but one life, dotted on the wheel of eternity, held differently. 






No changes

31st with friends,
fireworks, wine
countdown and hugs
ended then and there.

Deep within
didn’t feel a thing
about time, I mean
knowing it will flow,
fast nor slow
with kisses or blows,
however marked
doesn’t really change
a thing.

Back home:
opened the Chinese calendar
and Arabic one too,
while my lost hopes
found life
in new years yet to come.


I’m missing touches of wind
following a heavy rain,
sudden gusts of coolness
soothing to the skin,
like an embrace
of compassion
a silent message
from somewhere beyond
a whisper, ” I care,
just hang on.”

Rain has gone,
when will you
come again?