Blue Moon and You

A blue moon tomorrow?

Wonder what it brings,

nature’s norm

phenomenal to a human being,

hopes ring, dreams come

apprehensions dance

round a special ring.

It’s a blue moon coming

it’s happening true,

and yet

where are you?

You’ll come, as your do

to hold me

once in a blue moon.




Lost over twenty pounds,

now slim and slender

fit into beautiful dresses

compliments pour in:

remarkable achievement

secret diet perhaps

to the glamorous appearance?

Couldn’t disclose,

there were more losses

in fact tons and tons

a real cleansing,

another shedding in my soul,

of people and places

from far and wide

invisible to them,

no one to witness

none to say

how I look

in that new, solitary self.

I am no Venus there,

but my pure self

like sunlight

illuminating, illuminating.


Hoping and technology

If only hopes in life could come in choices like many other things where technology offers variations. if we could choose the speed we want a ray of hope. If there were choices between quantity and quality, if we could keep them frozen for the next generation: would life become easier? If instead of the individual self that harps on hopes and decides on how far to go, it became shared with masses, would we be happier? But and then the moment you place your thoughts or words on the table, you have to be ready to face criticism. The hope I am talking about is the invisible one that soars to the infinity or waddles in the gutter, the one that resides within your reasons and passions.

At that point,I would not at all want to merge my hopes to a world of technology. Hopes take forms in worldly things when we try to achieve the basic needs of life or seek more. In way our hopes do get measured as we face disappointments of fulfillment. But the challenge is there is no guaranteed way to decide on any of it. I suppose things are best left to fate. That sort of keeps us dangling but like the kick of wasabi, we feel better afterwards.  Let hopes be with its unpredictable measurement.

In Silence

Far from the maddening crowd:

a gentle touch of wind

a playful tug,

starlings, bluejays, doves

in harmony sing,

sunlight pours

invading the boughs, 

sky rumbles

lightning strikes

and rain comes

to wet the land.

Life goes on

mutual acceptance

in our kinds,

me there

just being

no going back

to the frenzied crowd.


When I Cry

Its so often that i cry & don’t know why

tears well up in the eyes

& before I can hold

just slide down & I don’t know why.

They came when came

birth cry of my first born,

they came when I was very alone

and then too, witnessed

my confusions & chaos.

At times pillows soaked

or boxes of tissue gone,

and sometimes

they just came, streaming down

like a happy brook

or summer rain,

but they come

without fail.

My tears, always there

and they will be

till the end

maybe the Tear Ocean

flows right beind

my hazel eyes,

and my lashes, in empathy

open the gates

when I cry.

Ever heard of that Tear Ocean?

I don’t know, really not

why I cry.



Cherry boughs, caught in wind,

goes to crazy dancing

whistling, singing

with bluejay perching

on its leafy pillow.

Stormy sky

comes the wind,


time to go.

Wings spread

flapping wings

soaring high

flying, flying

leaving  the tree

far below,

cherry blossoms swirling

falling down

meeting earth below

and another tale begins..


Empty Nest

A bird, of earthly color

special of its kind

came with chimes of wind

built a nest

love entwined

in each twig.

Season passes

and its time to go

it flew to the unknown

the empty nest

stared into the next season

will it be back again?

A wingless bird it was

special of its kind

the nest too

invisible to the naked eye

it was a guest of time.