If Earth’s core was in human form,
that would be me
I’m burning God.

Blazing ember spitting fire
shoots high at times,
bringing tears in rains.

Hot lava rumbles
setting forests in fire,
eyes catch rising flames.

Raging fire blinding all
you see me not
burnt to skeleton.

I cry in Pandemonium.





Amherst Life

IMG_0256[1]IMG_0288[1].JPGIMG_0287[1]The Petite’s bulletin:
At the doctor’s I had left my cardigan in the patient area. A gentleman was sitting beside it when I went to pick it, I reached over saying,
‘ Excuse me, I think that is mine and need to get it.’
A merry soul, he remarked, ” Nope, it would be too small for me.”
Me, ‘ Don’t think it iwll, its from the kid’s department.” I put it on happily and my shoes from Monkey Business, a children’s shop.
The gentleman and his nearly 7 ft perhaps looked on at my receding self.
Lazy winter news:
Winter is caught with reading I think, and doesn’t feel like going outdoors. She has not delivered much of snow yet. One day that she did give a bit, it had wild animal tracks down the path to bus stop. The stream flows below the wooden bridge had snow banks and the grass had a green and white collage.

Furry and feathery news:
I have someone new to look for while passing the opposite farm. Three emus stare at me when I walk by. Asked them which state they were from, she rolled her eyes as if to say, ‘ Don’t talk to strangers.’
Have been seeing this own for the second day, poor thing, seems lost her sense of timing. Alzheimer, you think?