No music tonight

No Bach, Kenny G or Taylor Swift,
tonight, it’s a different music
since sundown
and birds gone
rain is pouring
like notes on angel’s wings
they soothe my inner sirens
in hushed silence
of the darkened world.
Sweet rain
don’t stop

I don’t want other music tonight.



fraction of a second
or less
my eyes behold
an eagle in pause
from its flight
in the swirling air
a loud screech
fills the air,
wonder what
it’s announcing:
a mouse dead
or spring come alive?

(pic source: internet)


On Eggshell

Uniformed guards
stand like soldiers
ready to pounce
on intruders
you sit surrounded
by multiple walls,
security buttons and lights
blinking red, green, blue
beep, beep, beep go some
will scream like hyena
if one dares come
surveillance cameras
show nooks and corners
even ants can’t cross

Yet, security seems nil
for you’re insecure inside.
None can heal,
until you really find
yourself in your inner world.IMG_0398

Weary traveler

wish there was a tree called ‘peace’
under which I could sit
and feel day’s tiredness melt
to blend with the earth’s way,

a traveler on life’s path,
Lord, I am weary today,
to you I seek strength
to allow me to move on
to other days

forgive me Lord
if body and mind do not agree,
just let me walk
a little more, a little more.

( pic: net)