That Other


How does the other come into my being,

that ego, talking and acting within

like she possess me

and is so complete?

I know she loves me not

and have let go,


how does that happen

and she continues to be

all that I am?






Walking , walking..


On my walks, I blend with the reviving nature. My inner being opens wings and reaches the light green new leaves, the first buds of perennials, a single flower and countess brown branches coming to life. It’s like rebirth, the whole being feels the joy of coming to life after the seasonal hibernation. The stream gurgles happily, no ice blocking its flow. Wild animal tracks show on the tiny sandy stretch beside the water, some nocturnal being happy to haveĀ 12963840_10206258024585857_6451187149921589469_nwater to drink. Red cardinals greet along with the mourning doves. Indeed, if one shares life with nature, every step, every breath lives on with each life crossed with other creations.

The last picture has trees still in brown branches, there is perfect synchronization of silence and sound, life that is in and life that waits quietly. Is that not what we do as life, we sleep and we wake, the day follows night and mountains shade the seas?
The thoughts of death comes, but with so much peace. For there is no death at all, its like nature, another giving away to seasons of our lives