It will never be

This is the tragedy you see,
he will never be
as I dream him to be
never feel the warmth that I do
never lie beside me
nor feel this closeness
in soul and body
he will never be
near to me, skin to skin
to radiate life within
when bodies blend
beyond barriers of being,
nor look me in the eyes
to seek this light
spreading with his touch.

It will never be you see,
for he sits on my throne
while I sit near his feet.
I look up for  light,
he never bends down
for he seeks not
what’s unknown to him
a darkness that never broke.

It will never be
this new moon
will never be a full moon.
It will not be, not be
I wish I could believe
what reality is shouting at me
that hope has no life
in the futility of my pleas.IMG_1711[1]