My Books

Red, Blue, Purple (buy on Amazon)

Life can be complex. Its twists and turns can make us lose our direction. Red, Blue, Purple features poetry from the heart that lets us know we’re not alone.

Poet Tulip Chowdhury speaks the many languages of poetry. She has words that speak to our happiness, our sadness, and our melancholy moods. There’s a poem written specifically for cancer patients. Another for children with special needs. Got frustrations with modern day technology? There are mentions of search engine giant Google, and romance carried over cell phones, as well. No matter what experience you’re facing, there’s a good chance you will find a poem that speaks to you.

Chowdhury’s poetry is suitable for both youths and adults. She has written short stories, features, and poems for newspapers and magazines since she was young. Now retired, she continues to write poetry that embodies the human experience.

She shares in our grief about the loss of a loved one and anguish about loving another. It’s all here in Red, Blue, Purple—the poetry version of comfort food, waiting to soothe us.

Visible, Invisible and Beyond (buy on Amazon)

While many angels go on debating and wondering about human lives, two angels have descended in a small house on Earth upon the command of the Creator. One of them carries the new soul that is to be released in the womb of a woman. It is summer and the night is deliciously warm.

In a fascinating blend of physical and spiritual storytelling, Tulip Chowdhury details the life cycle of a soul before, during, and after its descent to Earth in Visible, Invisible and Beyond.

The story begins within the “invisible” world, where an omnipotent Creator individually forms the souls that will eventually inhabit the physical world. One such soul blossoms into a young woman named Lotus.

Follow Lotus’s journey through life, from her birth through her life in the bustling South Asian country of Bangladesh. While ultimately a spiritual odyssey, the novel also acts as a reflection of modern life in this developing nation as the economy grows and more women join the workforce.

A compelling read from start to finish, Visible, Invisible and Beyond deftly explores the force behind all creation through the story of one solitary life.


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